NLF PatchAfter the Fire

North Lakes Fire & Rescue would like to offer you some helpful information on what to do after a fire occurs at your house or camp. We are including contact information for some different services that could be helpful to you.

If you would like your business listed here please contact North Lakes Fire at (207)493-4328.

Chimney Cleaning / Inspection
Chimney Sweep
(207)498-6281 - Caribou
County Stove Shop
(207)498-8572 - Caribou
Marquis Chimney Services
(207)316-3384 - St. Agatha
Shawn Madore
(207)444-5234 - Eagle Lake
Butch Dubois
(207)834-2008 - Fort Kent
Fire / Smoke Damage Repair
Serve Pro
(207)947-0400 - Bangor
County Cleaners
(207)764-3444 - Presque Isle