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Mutual Aid Van Buren 10-30-2015 19:52 EST

North Lakes Fire and Rescue was dispatched to 286 East Rd, in Van Buren cove on Long Lake for Mutual Aid, per Van Buren Fire Department, for a working structure fire at 19:52. Captain Belanger responded with Tanker 9 from the Cross Lake station at 19:01. Lt. Merrill in Engine 1 along with multiple Firefighters followed FF Beaulieu to the scene and went in route at 19:14. Captain Belanger arrived on scene at 20:32 to find Van Buren fire working an active structure fire. Captain Belanger relayed information and gave a scene size up to Lt. Merrill while they were in route. Engine 1 arrived on scene and 305 transferred command to 307. Units assisted Van Buren fire Department on scene until 21:57 when all units cleared the scene and returned back to Cross Lake station. All units were back In service at 22:45.