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Q: Is North Lakes Fire a full time fire department?
A: No. North Lakes Fire & Rescue is a paid call fire department. We receive a small amount of money for calls & trainings.

Q: I'm not physically able or have no desire to go into a burning building. Is that a problem?
A: We are always looking for people to drive trucks, hand out water(also know as rehab), direct traffic, and many more activities! We will find a job for you. If you have anymore questions as to what you can do for the fire department feel free to contact Chief Woods. His contact information is below.

Q: Are there age requirements?
A: Because of Maine State Laws, to be a volunteer or full time firefighter you have to be at least 18 years of age and to be a junior firefighter you must be at least 16 years of age. We are currently accepting both junior and volunteer members.

Q: How often are the meetings?
A: We are currently meeting two times a month on Wednesday nights. You are not expected to make ALL the meetings, however some are mandatory and you need to meet a certain level to continue being a volunteer. You can check out our training schedule here.

Q: Ok! How do I sign up?
A: You will need to contact Deputy Chief Jesse Belanger. He can be reached at:
158 Sweden Street
Caribou, Me 04736
Deputy Chief Jesse Belanger